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If you are new to Martha Road, we want to say, "Thank you for being our guest!" Our vison at Martha Road is to be "Intentionaly connecting people to Jesus Christ, His Word, His Church and His Mission." There are two key words in our vision statemnet; Intentional and connecting,  we want you to know that we have prayed about your visit and we have thought through the process that would help you get connected into this church. Our goal is that every person that gets connected to Martha Road becomes a disciple making disciple, because this is Jesus' plan for you! (Matthew 28:19-20). 

Our process starts with the Entrypoint Class for newcomers to Martha Road. This class meets the first three Sundays of every month and covers the history, vision, structure, leadership and the expectations we have for those who become members of Martha Road. 

After the Entrypoint Class we offer a collabrative learning enviorment in the Discipleship Lab. This short term course helps new members of our church soldify the key disciplines of a growing disciple of Jesus Christ. This class runs on a six week cycle where the faciltaor covers the six discipleship disciplines we feel will help a person become a disciple making disciple. 

After the completion of the Discipleship Lab you are encouraged to join in the ministry and mission of Martha Road by joining one of our many adult Bible study groups. These groups serve as the ministry and missions team that help us with pastoral care and outreach evangelism. 

We hope you will join us whether you will be in Altus a few months, a few years or the rest of your life. 

   November 2018   
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