Deacon Ministry

Chairman of Deacons: Lionel Cross

Deacon Ministry Action Groups

Widow Ministry

This Action Group will:

  • Help the Senior Pastor maintain the Church Prayer List.
  • Promote and encourage the Deacons to be involved in prayer meetings held at the church.
  • Create a weekly schedule for a deacon to be in a room adjacent to the worship center to pray for the message during all evangelistic worship service.

New Member Follow-Up Ministry

This Action Group will:

  • Contact each new member to introduce the Deacon ministry to them.
  • Answer any questions they may have about the church and its ministries.
  • This work group would require the assistance of Deacon wives.

Deacon Staff Relations Ministry

This action Group will:

  • Make yearly assignments between deacons and ministry staff members for accountability and mentoring.
  • The Action group will also plan and promote occasional fellowships and activities with the Deacon Ministry and Deacon wives.
  • The Deacon Wives are encouraged to replicate this ministry with the ministry staff spouses.

Deacon Family Ministry

This Action Group will:

  • Develop a Family Ministry Plan where each Deacon will be assigned a group of families to help oversee the church membership for pastoral care.
  • The goal of the Deacon Ministry is to grow to and maintain a membership to Deacon ratio of 50:1.
  • This work group would require the assistance of Deacon wives.

Military Deployment Ministry

This Action Group will:

  • Provide physical, emotional and spiritual support as needed to families that have deployed family members.
  • Provide ongoing contact with the deployed family members providing assurance that their family’s needs are being met.
  • This work group would require the assistance of Deacon wives.


Administrative Action Group

This Action Group will:

  • Be comprised of the Deacon Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary.
  • Ensure the efficient and effective management of the Deacon Ministry.
  • Set meetings, hold annual officer elections, make annual Action Group Assignments and work with the pastoral staff in leading the church to call and qualify additional deacons.

Deacon Training Ministry

This Action Group will:

  • Schedule ongoing training opportunities for the Deacon Ministry
  • Provide Deacon training when new deacons are selected.


  April 2020