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Mark Benedict

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You're going to Hell! That preacher was pointing right at me. I started to cry and headed down that aisle. Not me! I was 9 years old when I got my fire insurance. You see, I saw God as the white-haired Zeus cartoon character, with the lightning bolt in His hand sitting on the cloud waiting to zap me when I messed up. Jesus was His Son who loved me, for the Bible tells me so, and the Holy Ghost was Casper with a halo. I did go forward but I didn't have a relationship with God

Later in adulthood, I found myself empty and searching for attention, needing to be needed, willing to do whatever it took to have people like me. That path lead to destruction. I was hurt, and I hurt people. My pride nearly kept me from the healing Christ had for me. I surrendered to Him and began reading His word to hear what He had for me.

My relationship with Christ has shown me a new life. One with joy and peace that I had never had before. Do I still struggle? You bet I do, but I know He will provide for me a way out when I am tempted. I now have brothers that walk along side of me on this journey. We hold each other accountable and “as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. Prov 27:17 I have a new heart with a desire to serve without expectation of return. My eyes now look for opportunities to share the amazing love Christ has given me.