Senior Pastor

Kevin Baker

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I came to know Jesus when I was nine years old. My grandfather had recently died and I had a lot of questions about life and death. These question turned into a fear of dying. Over the next several months I worried about what would happen if I were to die. Later that year I attended a church service with my mom where the preacher talked about what happens when you die. This definitely caught my attention, because this was the very thing I had been asking questions about.

He said the Bible says, we were all born separated from God, however the good news was God loved me and provided a way for eternal life with God forever. He said, God loved me so much he sent his Son Jesus to earth to die for my sins and take God’s punishment for my sins. He said, Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the dead three days later to prove he was God. He said, through believing in Jesus and his resurrection I could have my sin forgiven and live with God forever after I died. 

That night I placed my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. God gave me eternal life and he took away my fear of dying. That was many years ago, but Jesus is still as real to me now as he was then. A few years ago I had open heart surgery and even going into the operating room, I had no fear of dying because I knew Jesus had forgiven my sin and given me eternal life. The questions I had about what happens when a person dies, were answered through Jesus Christ. 

Children and Family Pastor

D.J. Walter

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I have grown up in church for as long as I remember. I am thankful to have a mom that prays for me. I realized at 6 years old that I had a sin problem and I could never be good enough for Heaven. I needed Jesus to forgive my sins and make me clean. I am so grateful for Jesus saving me and showing me things about his Word as I have grown up.

My 9th grade year at Falls Creek I felt God`s call to ministry and then learned my mom was also praying for that as well. God has placed several people in my life to help me grow. A mom, dad and sister that really pushed me in my walk with God. I have known my wife since I was young and have gotten to grow up with her. We were married on June 14, 2008 and now have a son Malachi and we are enjoying our time serving God together here at Martha Road.

Youth Pastor

Trevor McClure

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I grew up in church. My mom was the saint that always drug me, my brother, and my dad to church. At a young age I came to the realization that I was in great need of a savior. We are all sinners by nature, and I was no exception. I knew that there was only one savior, Jesus Christ. At that time my mom led me to speak to the pastor. This is when I placed my trust in Jesus. This decision rapidly changed the course of my life completely.

In my early years of high school, each student in my youth group took a spiritual gifts test. At that time, I had no idea why my top two were pastoring and teaching. Hindsight is 20/20 as I look back. My senior year I attended a youth church camp, Falls Creek. At that camp I came to finally see what God had been guiding me toward my entire life. I surrendered to a call to vocational ministry. God has placed many people in my life to guide me to his ultimate goal. My family, my wife, and our pastors have helped me to live a life aimed for the upward call of Christ.

Worship Leader

Mark Benedict

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You're going to Hell! That preacher was pointing right at me. I started to cry and headed down that aisle. Not me! I was 9 years old when I got my fire insurance. You see, I saw God as the white-haired Zeus cartoon character, with the lightning bolt in His hand sitting on the cloud waiting to zap me when I messed up. Jesus was His Son who loved me, for the Bible tells me so, and the Holy Ghost was Casper with a halo. I did go forward but I didn't have a relationship with God

Later in adulthood, I found myself empty and searching for attention, needing to be needed, willing to do whatever it took to have people like me. That path lead to destruction. I was hurt, and I hurt people. My pride nearly kept me from the healing Christ had for me. I surrendered to Him and began reading His word to hear what He had for me.

My relationship with Christ has shown me a new life. One with joy and peace that I had never had before. Do I still struggle? You bet I do, but I know He will provide for me a way out when I am tempted. I now have brothers that walk along side of me on this journey. We hold each other accountable and “as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. Prov 27:17 I have a new heart with a desire to serve without expectation of return. My eyes now look for opportunities to share the amazing love Christ has given me.

Office Administrator

Mary Osborn

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